39 years of personal S&P experience
Competitive ship broking coupled with senior in-house responsibilities
Keeping your assets in view
With dedicated shipbroking tools
We focus on our clients and their needs
Not on segments
Market knowledge
A global network, attention to detail

Sale & Purchase of Ships

Our core business.

Since 1985, Jan Preugschat is providing a full range of ship broking services from Newbuilding contracting, Second Hand sales as well as the Recycling of all kind of vessels
types and sizes. 

Business concluded involved Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels, Multi-Purpose ships, Tankers and Offshory Supply Vessels, Tugs, Trawlers as well as Passenger Vessels, even yachts.

Our clients range from private family-owned companies to publically listed conglomerates. We also work closely with Banks and Insolvency Administrators.

We bring to the table a proven track record of over 35 years in "international waters" reflecting traditional values of competence, dedication, professionalism, reliability and
trust coupled with a client-minded approach and discretion.

Our correspondent network of shipowners and shipbrokers as well as other participants in the maritime sector enables us to address our clients' needs appropriately and promptly.

We constantly monitor market developments and maintain up to date records of vessels for sale (or recently sold) in our dedicated Shipbroking Database.

Our service does not stop once the MOA has been signed.


Shipping markets are dynamic – and so are the values of the assets. Particularly Owners and Banks regularly require valuations of their vessels or entire fleets. 

We issue official desktop valuations for all type of Vessels on a regular basis. Our worldwide network and access to market information is just one of the qualifications in providing professional valuations to our clients. 

We are using a professional Ship Sale & Purchase software and communication platform that is maintained on a daily basis.

Additionally, we created our own Web based data base application with up to date and historical Ship values of the main standard ship types. The data includes Newbuilding,
Second Hand and Demolition/Recycling values as well as 12 months’ Time Charter Rate developments.

Values can be searched, filtered, graphically displayed and exported in different ways and for different periods of time. This may be done for individual or several types of vessels standard types to compare their relation.

This tool greatly facilitates our day to day work including Valuation work. 

Sale & Purchase related services

  • Ship sales negotiations and contract consultancy work
  • Ship closing and delivery assistance
  • "Time contracts" - handling all aspects of the S&P transaction by becoming an integral part of the client's in-house team.